Veterinarian’s #1 choice!! Heartgard Plus should be given the same day every single month to prevent heart worms. It can also, prevent against some intestinal parasite such as roundworms and hookworms.  For more information please visit the parasite page on our website.  This product is only available though a licensed veterinarian and comes I different strengths which will be determined by you vet.


Who is Heartgard Plus for?

-Puppies as young as 6 weeks

-Pregnant or breeding females

-Stud males

-All other dogs unless told differently by you veterinarian

Advantages of Heartgard Plus

-Taste great!! Made with real beef
  Easy chewable tablet


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 First FDA approved topical medication for cats, and is also used for dogs to prevent heartworm.  Revolution also prevents fleas, hookworms, and roundworms.  For more information about fleas and intestinal parasites please visit our parasite page.  Revolution should be used the same day monthly for full protection.  This product comes in different strengths which are available to you  tough a licensed veterinarian. 


What does Revolution do for you pet?

-Kills adult fleas  

-Prevents flea eggs from hatching 

-Prevents heartworm disease 

-Generally well tolerated by healthy dogs and cats

-Also used for ear mites


What are ear mites?

Ear mites are caused by a parasite seen more in cats, but can also affect dogs.  Mites are found in the ear where they feed on the lining and cause inflammation, redness, and discomfort.  Ear mites can spread from animal to animal, and common signs are rubbing or scratching at the ears.  Please contact Frankfort Animal Care Center if you think you pet may have ear mites. 


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