New Clients

We always welcome new clients at Frankfort Animal Care Center. We are a full service multi-doctor veterinary practice, located in Frankfort, IL.  The doctors and staff at Frankfort Animal Care Center provide quality care and compassion for your pet.

The First Visit:

What to bring and expect …

What to expect:

Your pet’s first visit at Frankfort Animal Care Center will involve a basic health check and typically their first set of vaccinations (if needed). Your pet will be weighed and the doctor will perform a standard exam which will consist of checking your pet’s temperature, coat, ears, eyes, heart, lungs, teeth and gums. If your pet is sick or not acting normal additional diagnostic tests maybe recommended for your pet to help provide the right treatment plan for your pet.  

The doctors will go over your new pet’s health care plan with you. If your pet is in good health, the doctor will include information about heartworms, flea and tick prevention, and vaccinations. All of this information will be explained to you during this visit, as well as, any questions you may have regarding your pet and their health.

What to bring:

Records & Additional Information –

 Please bring along any health records or documentation you received from the breeder, pet store or rescue organization. Also, bring any records from other veterinary hospitals.

  • ·         Vaccine History
  • ·         Medical History
  • ·         Surgical History
  • ·         Radiographs

This will give the doctors and staff a sense of your pet’s previous care and help them establish an appropriate healthcare regiment.