LASER SURGERY                                    

What is a laser?

A laser is a device that produces an extremely powerful and concentrated beam of light.  Years of experience in veterinary and human medicine went into the design of our laser, which was made specifically to provide superior care for pets.


What is laser surgery?


Traditional surgery with a scalpel blade or scissors can bruise or crush tissue.  When we use the laser, only an intense beam of laser light touches you pet, which minimizes

the pain, swelling, and bleeding often associated with surgery.


How does laser surgery work?


The laser has the unique ability to vaporize or “erase” tissue.  It can be used to make incisions, as well as to erase unhealthy tissue. The laser seals nerve endings, so patients are much more comfortable after surgery.  Not only does the laser kill any bacteria in its path, it also seals the lymphatics, so there is less swelling post-operatively. 


What is the advantages does laser surgery offer my pet?


Laser surgery causes less pain and swelling to help promote a quicker recovery.  It also causes less bleeding, which decreases surgical time and reduces the need for anesthesia.  The sanitizing effect of the laser beam reduces the risk of infection.


Is laser surgery appropriate for my pet?


A laser can perform a wide variety of surgical procedures on cat, dogs, and othe animals.  It is mandatory for some procedures, and recommended for ALL surgical procedures.  Feel free to ask our doctors if your pet is a candidate for laser surgery, and they will help you decide if this is the best treatment option for your pet.